All workshops can be adapted for time.

We have a range of workshops to suit all abilities and requirements. The following workshops are to give you an idea what we provide however if you don't see what you're after then get in touch. We can create your bespoke workshop to suit your requirements, budget and timescale.


TV and Film

Your students will gain a valuable insight into what it takes to be actor on screen. Working in front of the camera, they'll get to understand the differences between stage and screen and the importance of a close up, as well as the technical elements required to work on a set. Depending on the timescale we also address the structure of the world of film and TV. Prices start at £150.



Working with James Simmons, A Trevor Nunn and Royal Shakespeare Company veteran, You'll work on some of Shakespeare's most famous texts. This workshop helps to demystify the Shakespearean language and bring some of his vivid characters to life. Prices Start from £150

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Stage Combat

Working on the Methods of The British Academy of Dramatic Combat, this workshop looks at some of the most realistic combat moves, all of which are performed with safety at the core.

Teenage Students Raising Hands

Commedia Dell'Arte

Geoff Beale is one of the countries leading Commedia practitioners and has taught at some of the countries leading Drama Schools and worldwide. Students will learn about the key characters and the Commedia character structure that dominates so many modern day theatrical and TV shows. Prices start from £150.


Physical Theatre

Looking at the techniques of Theatre de Complicité and Frantic Assembly, students get to explore the physical world of theatre and the creation of a theatrical world through physicality and objects. Prices start from £150.



Puppetry plays a huge role in theatre and is one of the oldest forms of storytelling which is just as relevant today. Puppetry is a wonderful medium for students to access and using techniques from around the world, we show students how to create and control a puppet to give a characterful and rounded performance. Prices start from £150.


Show 'Business'

Focusing on the industry element of Show Business, this workshop is designed to educate the students about the nuts and bolts of what it takes to be a self employed performer in the 21st Century. Working with one of our professional performers, the students will get the opportunity to hear first hand experiences and ask questions about what it takes to build a sustainable career. Covering elements such as casting directors, how to approach agents and what makes a good head shot and showreel. We also look at the other areas of work that performers might find themselves in to make ends meet. Prices start from £150.
In this photo students talk to James Anderson from Holby City and Maddy Duggan from Eastenders