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Course Consultation

If you're institution is in the process of developing a new course then speak to us about the latest, industry relevant content that we feel would give your students the best opportunities to be successful



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Course Consultation

If you're in the process of designing a new course having switched from one examining board to another then this is the service for you. An on site consultation with us will help you to make sure that your new course will have all the industry relevant content thats needed to give your students the best opportunities to progress in the Performing Arts Industry. We'll take a look at your facilities to gauge what elements are best suited to the learning environment. A full report will then be presented to you. Our Course Consultation and report fee is £250.

Case Study

Our client was changing from one BTEC examining board to another. As they had the opportunity to start from scratch they wanted the most industry relevant course to attract new students and to make sure those students had the best knowledge to either go onto further drama training institutes or to be industry ready to jump straight in. 
We met for a meeting to discuss their requirements before looking around their facilities. It was a college which had fantastic facilities including a TV studio and radio booth. We advised on the elements required for successful TV and Film training and gave ideas for termly projects.We also advised on the core acting elements that we feel should be the cornerstone to any young actors training.  We provide ongoing meetings to ensure the provision is on the right track and also to assist in making any appropriate changes.