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Whatever your role play needs, we have the acting team to ensure that your employees achieve at the highest level.



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Corporate Training and Role Play

Role playing potential scenarios in the corporate world provides essential feedback as to how your employees will perform under pressure. Whether it be training your HR team to deal will interview scenarios to select the correct member of the team, or your Doctors to diagnose life threatening diseases, we have a team of experienced facilitators to ensure that the scenarios are as realistic as possible. Our facilitators and actors are able to assess and advise on human behaviour to enable you to make the correct decisions.

 We have an initial consultation to establish your requirements and then build a bespoke and highly researched package to best suit your needs. 

Case Study

A large high street brand required a training package to ensure that their Store Managers were up to speed with current health and safety legislation and were able to deal with their staff in an appropriate manner when put in difficult, personal scenarios.